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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do if I want an old version of a character but I didn't purchase the new one?
    If you are looking for an older version of one of my characters, you will still need a valid invoice number. Simply purchase the current version of any character to unlock access to any of the previous versions!
  • Will the hairstyles from one character work for another one? What about textures?
    Yes and no. The hairstyles for Dahlia will not work for Scarlett and vice versa. However, the hairstyles for one version of Scarlett will work for another version of Scarlett! For instance, if you have purchased the Casual version of Scarlett (currently pending store approval) and the Scifi version of Scarlett, you can share hairstyles between them. Keep in mind that the rigs differ in hair bone structure, so you will want to move any parts to the new hairstyle you want to use and not move the hairstyle to a different rig. Additionally, there may be some slight clipping if the hairstyle wasn't designed with the other clothing options in mind. ​ Clothing and hair textures are outfit/style-dependent, so they can not be shared between characters. Eyes can be shared without any problem and some of the skin and face textures are interchangeable. You can play around to see what works for you.
  • Do you take custom requests?
    I don't explicitly offer custom services. However, everyones needs are different and I would like to be of help if I can! It doesn't hurt to reach out. There are times I have a gap in my workload, or I may already be working on something that could meet your needs.
  • Can I make requests for tutorials?
    You can! I can't promise that I'll have a solution for you, but I'd love to see if I can help. Just leave a comment on any article or send me an email.
  • Why don't you include the code from your tutorials with your unity packages?
    I've thought about it but decided against doing so. Unity has stringent guidelines on including scripts with packages and if it becomes out of date, they deprecate your entire package. The better solution for me is to offer the tutorials for free and allow people to choose to use them if they want.
  • I've noticed an error in the code you shared in one of your tutorials. What should I do?
    Please let me know! I'm not an expert with coding and am constantly learning new things. If you've figured out a way to improve my code, I would greatly appreciate it!

If you have a question, someone may have asked it first. Check here for answers to some of the questions I get regularly. Of course, if you don't find what you're looking for here, you can always contact me directly!

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