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Dahlia Hart: Stylized Casual Character

$10 USD

Dahlia Hart is a stylized mecanim character and she's ready for your projects!

This package contains two hairstyles and two outfits, each with numerous color options. Each hairstyle is rigged for use with physics assets and a variety of expression and phoneme blend shapes are included. You'll also get PSD template files for each outfit so you can mix/match colors, or even add your own decals and logos to the clothing!

NOTE: This version does not contain any animations, but the rig has been tested with several asset store animation packages, character controllers and Mixamo.


  • Basic blendshapes (blink, smile, sad, angry, thinking, shock, and lipsync-compatible phomenes)

  • Eight hair colors for each style

  • Eight eye colors

  • Tons of clothing colors, along with PSD templates to design your own!

  • Three makeup styles

  • Polycount: Between 12.5K and 15.5K depending on options

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